Mitt Romney Made It Really Easy to Sell Big Bird Costumes

Costume Supplier Is Fresh Out of Big Bird Costumes. Mitt Romney made it hard to shop online for binders around the same time he made it pretty easy to sell Big Bird costumes. San Diego-based Disguise, the official licensee and supplier of Bird Bird costumes, says the company is already sold out of Big Bird for the year and can’t bring in any more inventory because, ironically, the costumes are manufactured in China. The company usually expects Elmo and Cookie Monster to be the big hits for Halloween and calls Romney’s line a “missed opportunity” they didn’t see coming.  [WCVB]

Bobby Valentine Suggests David Ortiz Could Have Played. And so it continues: The ex-Red Sox manager basically told Bob Costas of NBC Sports in an interview on Tuesday night that Ortiz could have played, but decided not to. “He got two hits the first two times up, drove in a couple runs; we were off to the races,” Valentine said. “Then he realized that [the team’s trade with the Dodgers on Aug. 25] meant that we’re not going to run this race and we’re not even going to finish the race properly and he decided not to play anymore. I think at that time it was all downhill from there.”  []

Photos: JKIII on the Campaign Trail. Photographer Aynsley Floyd has been covering the campaign for eight months.  [Global Post]

Months Later, How the DREAM Act Impacts a Harvard Student. Enrique Ramirez breaks down the support from the two presidential candidates for the DREAM Act, which, he says, allows him to enjoy the freedoms of his peers, like having a driver’s license, being eligible for federal student aid, taking an internship, or being eligible for scholarships.  [Harvard Crimson]

Cape Cod Holds Meeting To Discuss Sharks. After numerous Great White sightings this summer that resulted in one attack and numerous closed beaches, officials on the Cape are holding a conference to discuss all things shark: public safety, economic impact, liability, and more.  [Cape Cod Times]