Gangnam Style Still Storming the U.S.

MIT's new Gangnam Style video is an epic production.

What? You thought Hurricane Sandy would somehow stop the cultural juggernaut that is Psy’s Gangnam Style? Not so. Psy continues to … wait for it … take the country by storm.

On Saturday,MIT’s Korean Student Association posted their own version of the video on YouTube, and it’s a rather epic production, featuring MIT Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill, professors Eric Landry and Noam Chomsky, the MIT Beaver, and nearly a dozen university groups. Judging from the fact that it now has more than a half-million views, a lot of people cooped up in the house have been watching it over the last few days.

It’s also worth noting that some of the best memes to come out of the storm have had hints of Gangnam Style.

The horse-headed DC jogger (who distracted a local news reporter by running shirtless behind her during the storm) seems as though he stepped out of Psy’s video.

And the idea that Psy’s signature jig is some kind of elaborate rain dance? Definitely worth contemplating.