Photos: Boston's Damage Has Got Nothing on New York

Manhattan took a beating far worse than Boston.

When it comes to storm damage, Boston’s got absolutely nothing on New York, and in this case, that’s not a rivalry where we’re looking to compete. We’ve rounded up photos of damage from around Boston, but to give you a sense of how much worse New York got hit, and how lucky Boston was to avoid it, we’re bringing you the most terrifying images we’ve seen around social media from Manhattan and its surroundings. Here’s to hoping for a safe and quick recovery for our friends in the mid-Atlantic.

1. Via BBC’s Jon Williams, here is a very real tanker that washed up on Staten Island:

2. From The Atlantic’s Chris Heller (you’ll have to click through but it’s worth it.)

3. Via Instagram, this is an East Village intersection. Business Insider determines that it’s real based on a photo of the same intersection from a different angle.

4. Speaking of flooded intersections, here are some firefighters wading through water, via Instagram

5. Via Newsweek’s Marlow Stern:

6. Fallen trees:

7. If this is how clear the West Side Highway looks, things aren’t good.

8. See the New York skyline? What’s that, you don’t? That’s because great portions of the city lost power. (Via Instagram)

9. An Instagram of a photo of a screen of a Hoboken subway station via Twitter

This is not good: — Andrew Leonard (@koxinga21) October 30, 2012

10. What?