How Much Money Massachusetts Residents Donated to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

What Massachusetts Residents Donated to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The Boston Business Journal has a database sortable by town and zip code to find out which of your neighbors made the most campaign contributions to Obama or Romney.  [Boston Business Journal]

Watch: A View of Hurricane Sandy from Outer Space. This video comes from the International Space Station, which captured a way-up-high view of the nearly 1,000-miles-in-diameter Sandy.  [WHDH]


Some Massachusetts Towns Delay Trick-or-Treating Due to Sandy. Ashby, Fitchburg, Holyoke, Leominster, Lunenburg, Methuen, Norwell, and Sudbury all delayed trick-or-treating until later this week. Boston’s trick-or-treat is still on Wednesday evening.  [WCVB]

Because Everyone Loves to Complain About Boston’s Cabbies. The Herald delves into the increased number complaints from cab riders who say they were mistreated by one of the city’s cab drivers. Like the elderly couple “with obvious trouble walking” who were ditched halfway home because the cabbie decided that JP was too far away and tried to pass the couple off to another driver at Kenmore Square. “The only thing I can say is we extol people to reach out to us if they have a complaint or an issue and a dispute,” Police Capt. Paul O’Connor, who says he reviews hundreds of complaints a year, told the Herald. “These drivers are doing an excellent job, day in and day out. I can’t express that enough. Fourteen million (rides) a year. That’s an incredible number. They do a hell of a job.”  [Herald]

Feel-Good Story of the Week: Beverly Fisherman Catches ‘Halloween’ Lobster. The rare split lobster weighs 1 pound and has a black side and an orange side, evenly split down the middle.  [AP]