How Not To Sneak Into the T

This guy who wanted to stealthily follow a passenger through the Park Street T station barrier rather than pay his fare unfortunately targeted a plainsclothes transit police officer. He then furthered his misfortune by trying to push the officer through the barrier when he turned around to ask what was going on.


Leave it to law enforcement to take what is actually a pretty dramatic encounter and describe it in the most sanitized way possible:

The officer stopped and inquired what Cammisaro was trying to do, Cammisaro responded by shouting “MOVE, MOVE MOVE !”. Then Cammisaro proceeded to physically assault the officer by shoving him with both hands and attempt to force him through the fare gates. The officer and Cammisaro struggled,  the officer was able to gain control of Cammisaro and cease the assault

“Cease the assault” is a pretty good euphemism for “totally body slam the guy.” It's pretty hard to tell how violently Cammisaro assaulted the MBTA officer, but man did that officer responded with some asymmetrical warfare. (Also we love the semi-curious people who walk by the two while they struggle on the ground.) Anyway, he now faces assault and battery charges. [via Universal Hub]