Spend Your Monday Lunch Break at an Aerosmith Concert

Aerosmith, that traveling coven that accompanies famed sorceress Stephen Tyler, is giving a concert outside their old Allston apartment on Monday at noon (a time otherwise known as “Party O’Clock”?)  The event is being held by WAAF as part of a pre-Election Party and a promotion for the band’s new album. Meanwhile, the Globe uses the occasion to paint a picture of life inside that apartment at 1325 Commonwealth Ave. where the band recorded early hits like “Dream On.” It sounds colorful… Quoting band member Stephen Davis’s autobiography, the Globe reports:

The book also notes how the B branch of the MBTA’s Green Line ran down the center of Commonwealth Avenue.

“In the early days the Aerosmith musicians would know it was time to go to bed when they heard the first trolley of the new day roar down the tracks toward the sleeping city, just at the break of dawn,” the book says.

Suffice it to say, the Aerosmith of the 70s would probably not have been awake in time for 12 p.m. concert on a Monday. But maybe you will be, in which case, have fun.