Aerosmith's Concert Won't Be Much Fun for Commuters

Aerosmith is giving a concert in Allston outside their old apartment at 1325 Commonweath Ave. at noon today and already people commuting through the area might notice some disruptions. Boston Police warn in a blog post:

The MBTA says service will be suspended from 10:30am to 3:00pm.

As for street closures, Commonwealth Ave between Harvard Ave and Kelton Street will be closed to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic during the concert.

The following streets which run into Commonwealth Ave from Brainerd Road will be closed:

  • Allston Street
  • Scottfield Rd
  • Walbridge Street
  • Redford Street
  • Griggs Street
  • Gorham Street
  • Royce Rd

The following streets which run into Commonwealth Ave from Glenville Ave will be closed:

  • Long Ave
  • Swofford Road

Okay then. It’s probably pretty annoying to be invited to a concert during work hours then have the concert disrupt your commute to said work. But for the rest of us, this could be a fun little event. Just not too fun, warns the BPD:

if you’re planning on stopping by 1325 Commonwealth Ave to check out the show, the Boston Police Department kindly asks you to be on your best behavior.

We assume that warning is aimed mostly at Steven Tyler.