Harvard Professors Who Could Go To Washington If Mitt Romney Wins

Harvard Professors Who Could Go To Washington If Mitt Romney Wins. As Crimson writer Nicholas P. Fandos points out: “Presidents do not run the country on their own, and more often than not they do it with the help of Harvard professors.”  [The Crimson]

Why the Aerosmith Concert Is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea. Towed cars, suspended MBTA service, gridlocked traffic, and the headaches caused by dealing with one or more of those factors … on a Monday. Jon Keller gives the Aerosmith concert on Comm. Ave. in Allston one big thumbs down, especially with so many other venues that didn’t have to disrupt so many people.  [CBS]

Sweet, So Now The East Coast Is Getting a Nor’easter. The storm will move in to the Boston area later on Wednesday through late Thursday, adding salt to the wounds of those impacted by Hurricane Sandy’s blow.  [Boston.com]

Whitey Bulger Hospitalized for Chest Pain. Bulger was taken to Boston Medical Center early on Sunday morning after complaining that his heart was “racing.” Security is tight—he has police officers on duty in his hospital room. Bulger, 83, was hospitalized at BMC last December for a similar condition.  [WBUR]

Watch This Video of a Goose Strolling on Mass Pike. Morning commuters on Mass Pike after the Weston tolls had to slow down and dodge this goose playing a game of Frogger. Eventually, a Statie shooed the goose from the roadway, but not before Sky7 was on the scene.  [WHDH]