Election 2012 Live Updates: Obama and Warren Are Winners

It's election night in America.

Perhaps you heard that there is an election today. As the votes get counted, we’ll update our nifty table down below and even further down, we’ll post the latest news on the races we followed most closely in Massachusetts this season.

President; Obama/Romney:

12:53 p.m.: The AP reports that Gov. Romney called President Obama to concede the election and congratulate Obama on his win. He's speaking to supporters from Boston now. Prominently featured over his shoulder is a silhouette of … the Zakim Bridge.

8:02 p.m.: Surprise, surprise. The polls have closed and already the TV networks are declaring Massachusetts for President Obama. Otherwise, no hard news on any of the toss up states.

Massachusetts isn't exactly a state to watch in this race. But it's the state from which Mitt Romney will be conceding the race or celebrating victory. Also, there are other states, and we'll have updates on results from them.

Senator; Brown/Warren:

Update 10:55 p.m.: Warren is speaking. She's very visibly jazzed by this win. The acceptance speech is centered on giving credit to her supporters. “You took on the powerful Wall Street banks and special interests and you let them know you want a senator who will be out there fighting for the middle class all of the time. And despite the odds you elected the first woman senator to this seat.”

She also reached out to Brown and his supporters. “I hope you'll all join me in thanking Senator Brown for his service to the Commonwealth … I also want to speak tonight to Sen. Brown's supporters. The message you sent was clear. We need leaders in Washington willing to break the party's gridlock … I know i didn't earn your vote, but I promise I'm gonna work to earn your support.”

Update: 10:37 p.m.: Scott Brown conceded the race and spoke to his supporters. “I accept the decision of the voters, and I have already offered my sincere congratulations to Senator-elect Warren.” The crowd booed and he shushed them. “Listen, she won it fair and square, and she has received a high honor of holding the people's seat. And may she bring that Senate office great credit, just as I set out to do nearly three years ago.”

And the night wouldn't be complete without a truck joke. “You know what the worst part of it is? I now have to break the news to my truck that I'll be taking it home.”

There are lots of tweets suggesting his speech is so gracious that he's planning to run for another office soon. Governor? Secretary of State John Kerry's seat?

Update 9:47 p.m.: Several outlets are calling the race for Warren. She posted a thank you photo to her Facebook earlier this hour.

Update 9:34 p.m.: There's some confusion about who is calling the race for Warren. The Globe says NBC did give it to Warren, but reversed course. The AP hasn't made a call. Warren meanwhile, has posted this photo to her Facebook, which strongly implies a win, but could theoretically be a thank you regardless of the result.

Update 9:44 p.m.: With 33 percent of precincts reporting, NBC is calling the race for Warren. She's got 52 percent of the vote to Brown's 48 percent right now.

Update 9:15 p.m.: WBZ says it's a tight race with 16 percent of precincts reporting. Warren leads slightly with 51 percent to Brown's 49 percent, WBZ says.

Warren entered election day with a lead in the aggregate polls put together by sites like Talking Points Memo and Real Clear Politics. Nate Silver has her as the heavy favorite. She needs good turnout in Boston, and according to The Phoenix's David Bernstein, she's getting it. Stay tuned.

MA-6; Tierney/Tisei:

Update 1:18 a.m.: John Tierney has pulled off a surprising and very, very narrow victory, according to the AP.

Update 12:35 a.m.: Holy moly. “With 94 percent of the vote counted, the outcome in the North Shore’s fiercely contested Sixth Congressional District race remained too close to call,” The Globe's Eric Moskowitz reports.
Update 10:32 p.m.: The race is looking to be the most interesting of the night with Tierney putting in a good fight.

Update 9:12 p.m.: Tisei is ahead 62 percent to Tierney's 44 percent with 12 percent reporting.

John Tierney is an eight-term congressman, but his family's legal troubles have given his Republican opponent Richard Tisei a rare opening. The Boston Globe endorsed Tisei, who has been running ads showing empty beaches in his final days, leading some to believe he's feeling confident about a win.

MA-4: Kennedy/Bielat:

Update 9:31 p.m.: WHDH projects Kennedy is the winner of this one. No surprise.

Update 9:12 p.m.: With 18 percent reporting, Kennedy is well ahead. It's 67 percent to 31 percent.

This race isn't much of a nailbiter. Kennedy is running with a 2-1 lead in some polls. But neither candidate is an incumbent. It's Barney Frank's old seat. And one of the candidates is named Kennedy. So, of course, we're following it anyway.

Question 1: Auto Repair

Read up on the ballot question here. A legislative compromise made the question a bit less relevant but there are still some who advocate voting yes or no anyway.

Update 9:10 p.m.: With 7 percent of precincts reporting, voters are overwhelmingly voting yes with 87 percent to 13 percent, WBZ reports.

Question 2: Physician-assisted suicide

Update 12:44 p.m.: It's late, and the question is still too close to call, but the “no” votes are slightly ahead 51-49.

Update: The yes vote is slightly ahead 53 percent to 47 percent, with 9 percent reporting.

Read up here.

Question 3: Medical marijuana

Update 9:49 p.m.: The AP projects a win for the yes votes. Here comes medical marijuana, Massachusetts.

Update 9:12 p.m.: With 9 percent of precincts reporting, the measure has a healthy lead. It's 63 percent yes to 37 percent no WBZ reports.

Read our cover story while you await results!