Long Voting Lines Come to Massachusetts

(So does Mitt Romney.)

It’s Election Day! And while the news of early voting focused on prohibitively long lines in states like Florida, (lines like this one) this is the land of equal opportunity, so Massachusetts voters are getting their chance to wait for hours to cast a vote, too. Why is this? Secretary of State William Galvin says he expects record turnout this year, and supposes that the high profile Senate race might be a cause. And so some early scenes from the voting precincts:

Mitt Romney voted for himself (we assume) in Belmont, Mass. this morning. He’s headed out to campaign some more in states where he’s actually, you know, competitive before returning here tonight for a victory or concession speech. From NPR reporter Ari Shapiro’s Instagram:

Elsewhere, the voting has been less star-studded. The Globe’s David Abel records the scene in Jamaica Plains:

Another Twitter user in South Boston reports a line as well:

Others are luckier.  

Could all this waiting in line at the expense of being remotely on time for work or school explain why we’re seeing Tweets like this one from The Atlantic’s Matt O’Brien:

Or why our search for the name of any holiday on Twitter returns results like this:

And this:  

And this: