Streets Closed Tuesday Night for Mitt Romney's Election Event

Streets Closed Tuesday Night for Mitt Romney’s Election Event. Summer Street and D Street will close starting at 6 p.m. and will reopen at 9 p.m. (D Street) and midnight (Summer Street), according to a statement from the city of Boston and the South Boston Seaport Transportation Management Association. They’re pretty much asking people not to drive in those areas, noting that the evening rush hour and potentially the morning commute will be impacted by the closures.  []

The Massachusetts Voter Mood in One Word: Exhausted. Thanks to the weeks of calls, advertisements, and, yes, even Facebook posts from your “friends.” [WBUR]

Yale Still Searching for T-Shirt Design, Harvard Still Searching for Sense of Humor. The Yale Daily News reported that the school’s Licensing Office rejected its Freshman Class Council’s T-shirt design for the Harvard-Yale game, which on the front depicted a modified Harvard logo with the word “Cheaters,” an obvious reference to the school’s cheating scandal. The back of the T-shirt said: “Putting the ‘Veritas in: Lux et Veritas.”

Here’s the Harvard response in two quotes:

1. “Once again, Yalies have fallen short of Harvard standards.” —Crimson writer Michelle S. Lee
2. “It’s just not that creative.” —John L. Chipoco-Campoverde ’16

Just laugh it off, people.  [The Crimson]

The Phoenix Has a Q&A on Voting with … Scumbag Steve. Even better than Scumbag Steve’s response (gems like like “… when it comes to truth in politics, I tweet, argue, and yell like it’s my job when I smell bullshit”) are the memes scattered throughout the dialogue. Because one thing we shouldn’t look for in Scumbag Steve is anything that involves  substance.  [The Phoenix]

MIT Has Another Version of Gangnam Style Out. Because one MIT Gangnam Style rendition isn’t enough, the MIT Logarhythms, the school’s a cappella group, has a Gangnam Style performance of its own.  []