Five Things Happening in Boston That Have Nothing To Do With the 2012 Election

Ruptured Pipe in Downtown Shot Steam and Asbestos Into the Air. Congress Street is closed after the underground pipe ruptured early on Wednesday morning and released steam and a little bit of asbestos. Steam utility company Veolia Energy North America and a cleaning crew are on the scene, according to the Boston Fire Department.  []

Feds Say Upper Crust Owes $850,000 in Back Pay and Damages. The plot thickens for the pizza chain, which filed for bankruptcy protection in October: A federal investigation into the company’s pay practices from April 2009 to January 2011 found that “… the company violated minimum-wage and overtime laws and failed to pay 67 employees roughly $425,000 during that period,” according to the Globe. The company owes an equal amount in damages and $37,000 in civil penalties.  []

Airlines Warn of Flight Delays and Cancellations Due to Nor’easter. The storm, which rolls into the area Wednesday through Thursday, is expected to make traveling along the Eastern Seaboard a real doozy. Again.  [Boston Business Journal]

Whitey Bulger Leaves Hospital, Goes Back to Jail. The U.S. Marshals Service says Bulger has returned to a Plymouth jail after his stay at Boston Medical Center, where he received treatment after complaining of chest pains.  []

… OK, So This One Has To Do with the 2013 Election. Looks like someone already started to campaign for the 2013 Boston mayoral election—and not a day too late.  [Universal Hub]