Politics is not in Tom Brady's Future

But we hope another Super Bowl title is?

Photo from erangi2/Flickr

According to our beloved quarterback Tom Brady, we will have to accept that our Senator will no longer be a former model. Although Brady supposedly told ESPN Magazine at one point that running for office was one of his “craziest ambitions,” Brady said in an interview on Monday that politics is definitely not in his future.

In a radio interview with Jim Gray of Westwood One, Brady set the record straight about his political aspirations. He said that although he follows politics, he would rather make an impact as a normal citizen:

I follow it relatively closely. I enjoy watching, kind of, the banter that goes back and forth. I don’t think I’ll ever get into politics. Maybe at one point I thought that might be something I want to do, but I think you take a step back and you realize the impact that you can have as a citizen.

Hopefully this news doesn’t contribute too much to your post-election blues. Brady said he doesn’t want to get involved in politics because there is too much polarization between the parties, saying “Well I think it’s just the frustration between both parties that have really been polarizing with one another to — from my perspective — not always do what’s in the best interest of the country. And to fight just to fight.” He also got pretty philosophical, while talking about flipping channels between the presidential debate and a football game:

On one channel people are talking about what they are going to do. And on another channel there are guys out there that are actually doing it.  You turn the channel and then there are guys who are doing it without words, with action. That’s what our country’s been built on. It’s built on action. It’s not about words, it’s not about promises, it’s about doing.

Ok, Tom, we’ll give you that; action is important in politics, although we wonder how football is really much more than just wanting to “fight to fight.”

Listen to the full interview here.