We Can't Look Away from The 'Beacon Hill's Most Beautiful' List

Political staffers aren’t necessarily known for their physical beauty, and they certainly aren’t known for flaunting their beauty, which might explain why the “Beacon Hill’s Most Beautiful” list of 25 Massachusetts hotties put out by The Phoenix today is impossible not to look at in a “Oh God, Michael Scott is saying something” kind of way.

The best traffic-seeking internet slideshows are always that nice mix of fun and painful, and this doesn’t disappoint. Nor would we expect it to. The Washington-based The Hill newspaper puts out a similar list each year to similar effect. Whether it be the very serious photo shoots or the listing of each staffer’s relationship status, as if this is actually being used as a dating tool for Boston’s elite (okay, so it might actually get used that way), this list is … well, it’s something.

The only thing we can really say about it is that we clicked through the whole thing. And though we’re not sure why, we’d probably do it again. [The Phoenix]