Mayor Menino Wants To Clear Up Rumors About His Health

Mayor Menino Wants To Clear Up Rumors About His Health. Menino called the Globe from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he’s been receiving treatment since October 26 for a viral infection and compression fracture in his back. He told Brian McGrory that he “felt lousy, really lousy” when admitted but insists that he’s recovering and that he and his staff have kept things rolling in City Hall, albeit with staffers shuttling back and forth to his hospital room. “I have pain in my back in the morning,” he said. “They give you pain pills to take. I sit up most of the day, because these hospital beds are the most uncomfortable in the world.”  [Globe]

Nor’easter Brings Rain, Record Snow to Parts of Northeast. Boston got about two inches of snow that washed away with the rain, but other parts of the Northeast saw record snowfall, including parts of New York and New Jersey, which still are recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. “I am waiting for the locusts and pestilence next,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Wednesday.  [NBC]

Massachusetts Voters Approve Medical Marijuana. Now What? Lots of questions and few answers to those questions, unless of course, you consider Deval Patrick’s “learn as we go” an answer.  [WBUR]

Boston Ballet Gives The Nutcracker Costumes a Makeover. It took Charles Heightchew, the ballet’s manager of costumes and wardrobe, nearly a year to turn 1,400 yards of tulle and 250,000 Swarovski crystals into the 350 costumes that will make their debut at the Nov. 23 opening of The Nutcracker.  [Herald]

A Spider Causes Delay in Ballot Count in Rehoboth. A spider web prevented a Rehoboth tallying machine’s scanner from counting ballots, which delayed the final vote count until Wednesday afternoon.  [WCVB]