Bloomberg Looks at China's Harvard-Trained Communists

Another global superpower is picking its political leaders this week, and, like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, a lot of them are Harvard-trained. Bloomberg News uses the occasion of the 18th Communist Party Congress in China to reflect on the influence Harvard has had on a lot of the party members picking and being picked for new positions. The article focuses on China’s patronage chief Li Yuanchao, who participated in an executive training program at Harvard:

Li is the most prominent graduate of a program that has brought rising Chinese leaders to Harvard’s Cambridge, Massachusetts campus for more than a decade. The initiative underscores the fact that even as the U.S. and China are at odds over issues ranging from the value of the yuan to Syria, top politicians in China are increasingly drawing on their U.S. experiences in setting policy for the world’s second-biggest economy, said Anthony Saich, a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government who oversees the program.

Harvard sees this as a good way to get leaders from the world’s major superpowers on the same page, though of course, sometimes we fall short. Saich tells Bloomberg, ““One of the things they often say to me is, ‘well we don’t agree with you any more than we did before, but at least we have a sense of why you think the way you do.'” Hey it’s better than nothing. [Bloomberg News]