'It's Thanksgiving' Is the New 'Friday'

A viral sensation features rhymes like "Can't be hateful, gotta be grateful."

Few take Thanksgiving as seriously as we do here in the holiday’s home state, and so we feel compelled to comment on, or at least mark the existence of, this latest internet sensation: a music video from the makers of Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” espousing the joys of Turkey Day. You’ll recall “Friday,” widely considered the worst music video of all time, whose terrible imitation at pop music tropes immediately launched the weird career of Rebecca Black. Patrice Wilson, the man behind a company that takes payments to make your child an ironic internet star, is now teaming up with soon-to-be tween sensation Nicole Westbrook in the smash hit “It’s Thanksgiving.” He’s made plenty of other videos, but this one seems to be going viral because a) Like “Friday,” it’s an ode to a single day on the calendar and b) It’s, um, not the best musical composition we’ve ever seen or heard.


If you cannot sit through the video in its entirety, please do fast forward to 2:30 where there is some really special speak-singing in the style of Ke$ha, that brings us our favorite rhyme of the whole tune: “Can’t be hateful. Gotta be grateful.” Sure it doesn’t have the lyrical genius of “Fun, fun, think about fun. You know what it is.” But were truer words ever spoken by a young girl rapping at a table filled with her many friends and also a strange grown man in a turkey costume? We don’t think so.