Cambridge Residents Have Something to Say About David Petraeus's Mistress

Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus’s Mistress, Lived in Cambridge in 2005. And the Herald wins the prize for most awkward comment related to the affair: “‘Cool,’ said a man who was walking his dog on Alpine Street yesterday, when asked if he knew Broadwell when she lived there. ‘I didn’t know her, but I’ve got to say, he’s got great taste.'”  [Herald]

Massachusetts Merchants Aren’t Exactly Lobbying to Open on Thanksgiving. But some say the state’s blue laws, which don’t allow Black Friday to to creep in to Thanksgiving night, are outdated.  []

Dems Still Think Eric Fehrnstrom and Shawmut Group Are Good Enough To Work for the GOP. The Boston consultants had a lot to gain and a lot to lose by working exclusively on the Mitt Romney and Scott Brown campaigns. “When you help lead someone to the nomination of a major political party, this is not an insignificant achievement,” Democratic political strategist Tad Devine told the Globe. “If I were a Republican looking for people to hire, I’d talk to them.”  [Globe]

Mitt Romney’s Neighbors in Belmont Breathe Collective Sigh of Relief. In Belmont, which has about four times as many registered Democrats as Republicans, residents aren’t too surprised that the next POTUS won’t hail from their streets. Not that they’re too upset about that—and the extra attention and traffic and security—anyway.  []

Sad Things: Sick Puppies Shipped to Massachusetts. Now that breeders can sell puppies directly to the consumer, there’s not much oversight in the puppy’s health or mode of travel. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that sick pups arrive to excited families.  [WBZ]