Man Released from Prison Thanks to Dookhan Re-Arrested Thanks to Cocaine

Boston Police have worried about a crime spike ever since it became clear that  lab chemist Annie Dookhan’s tampering with evidence would lead to the release of prisoners who might potentially re-offend, and indeed, as a small example, the District Attorney’s office reports today that police have rearrested a man who’d gotten out because of Dookhan. Torrie Haynes of Dorchester was arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

There are a lot of factors that push someone to reoffend upon release from prison, but if you were one of the prisoners released because of Dookhan’s widespread tampering, you’ve got to know that the police are going to be keeping a very, very close eye on you. “I can tell you this: People who start to reoffend come to our attention very quickly,” ­Commissioner Edward F. Davis told the Globe last month. “If we do find someone who decides to get back to their old life after this unusual situation, we will concentrate our efforts very quickly.” Universal Hub notes that Haynes was wearing a GPS monitoring device as a condition of his release.

It’s both unsettling that someone released from prison because of Dookhan so quickly returns to committing crime, even if it was non-violent in this case, and heartening that the police weren’t kidding when they said they’d be paying attention.