Fiscal Cliff Scenario Means Massachusetts Could Lose Billions

Massachusetts Research Industry Could Lose Billions in Fiscal Cliff Scenario. Sixteen of the state’s university and hospital executives have warned political leaders that the potential spending cuts could mean a $3.2 billion loss statewide over five years. “The federal dollars we receive have a return far beyond their initial investment, acting as a significant magnet for private sector dollars that spur job creation in Massachusetts and beyond,” according to a letter from the group.  [Globe]

Should John Kerry Stay in the Senate? Two Opposing Views. This week’s main political speculation (other than what Paula Broadwell ate for breakfast) is whether John Kerry will leave the Senate to become secretary of defense. In true form, the Globe says he should stay while the Herald says he should go.  [Globe | Herald]

Newton Wellesley’s ‘Doctor of the Year’ Put Someone in the Hospital with Two Cracked Ribs. Kristin Howard, 56, an emergency room physician at Newton Wellesley Hospital, has been relieved of her duties after she allegedly smashed her car through a fence and into another vehicle while driving under the influence. The incident was caught on camera.  [WCVB]

Did You Forget About Sharks on the Cape? Greg Skomal Didn’t. Skomal, a leading shark expert in Massachusetts who tagged some of the sharks on the Cape this summer, didn’t exactly expect to tag the Aston Martin of sharks. These days one shark named Mary Lee is swimming the distance between Jacksonville, Fla., and southern Georgia. Every day. The length of the entire Cape. So should the sharks return next summer, it could be tricky to accurately close beaches after shark sightings since they’re so fast-moving.  [WBZ]

Four Old Ladies Get a Chauffeur to Take Them to Vote. A sweet story from someone who spent Election Day shuttling people—including Lillian, Maria, Joan, and Georgia—to the polls.  [WBUR]