Why Are There Random Tomatoes All Over Boston's Landmarks?

Because of a PR stunt, that's why!

Passers-by might be curious as to why there are hundreds of tomatoes neatly perched upon several Boston landmarks today. Reading the little signs poked through each one should provide answer enough: it’s a PR stunt.

Anyone who regularly rides the Red Line is already familiar with the Muir Glen canned tomato ad campaign, which notes that tomatoes canned in season can, of course, be used even when tomatoes are out of season. (This is how canned food works.) From a Muir Glen press release:

On Wednesday, November 14th, Bostonians will awaken to a bold reminder that tomatoes are currently out of season. Actual out of season tomatoes will take over several city landmarks in a statement that proves consumers don’t have to settle for out of season.

The company is suggesting that city residents upload photos of the tomatoes to Facebook until all the locations where the company put them have been sussed out. So far the Facebook commenters are less concerned with the quality of juicy, canned, organic tomatoes and mostly just concerned with food waste … as are a few Twitter users … but it’s early yet. 

But wait, surely someone at City Hall must agree that hundreds of tomatoes “Shouldn’t be here.” Actually, the company donated 3,000 cans to a Boston CANShare food drive, prompting praise in the press release from Mayor Tom Menino, so we imagine the stunt is going over just fine with the city.