Police Seek School Burglar Suffering from the Munchies

This case begs for some teen detectives with expertise in the affliction...

When Boston Police arrived to a school in Mattapan Sunday to investigate a break-in, they found a hilariously odd clue: recently heated Hot Pockets.

Officers searched the building and observed numerous classroom windows broken and several computers, chargers and cords stacked in a manner that would suggest the suspect/s were planning to take them. While the officers cleared the building they observed two recently cooked ‘Hot Pockets’ in a classroom where the computers were stacked. The Hot Pockets were still warm. After a complete search of the building, no suspects were located.

This is the kind of crime that calls for a crew with intimate knowledge of the perpetrator’s affliction: perhaps a gang of teenagers that drives around in a psychedelic van engulfed in a cloud of smoke? Scooby Doo, where are you?