The Bruins' Tyler Seguin on Texting Lady Friends

Plus: A Beacon Hill scandal so bad, the Globe and Herald agree on it, Mayor Menino's hospital room office, and more.

The Bruins’ Tyler Seguin: Dating Expert. Seguin let the world (or his Twitter following anyway) in on a foolproof method for keeping track of his lady friends. This screenshot of an incoming text message on his iPhone shows that the hockey player lists one of his contacts as “Don’t Text Her Bro.” The world may never know what transpired between Mr. Seguin and Ms. TextHerBro, but we can take his dating tips to heart. Writes Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky, “This is maybe good advice! Especially when receiving a text from her late on a Sunday night. Maybe just don’t tweet it out to the world?” [Twitter via Deadspin]

A Beacon Hill Scandal So Bad, the Globe and Herald Agree On It. It’s been a solid two days since news broke of a patronage scandal involving a state highway safety chief with an abysmal driving record, and so our daily papers are finally ready to weigh in. The Globe editorial page and Herald columnist Joe Battenfeld are in rare concert. Says the Globe, “steering such patronage hires into public safety jobs shows an utter lack of regard not only for taxpayers’ wallets but their physical safety as well.” Says Battenfeld, “This was not a screw up, it was Beacon Hill business as usual.” [Herald and Globe]

The Day 2 Immigration Debate. After Deval Patrick changed the state’s policy to allow younger illegal immigrants to pay lower in-state tuition for college and university, the Globe documents his debate with legislators over whether he needed to ask their permission. Meanwhile, the Herald editorial board squarely takes the side of the angry legislators.

The Mayor Will See You Now. Globe reporter Andrew Ryan gives us a peek into the Brigham and Women’s hospital room that is serving as de facto mayor’s office, what with Menino posted up there for weeks. It operates much like you might imagine, with aides bringing him papers to sign and keeping him updated on city happenings. Like any good war room, there are multiple phone lines. “He keeps two cellphones—one for city duties, one for campaign purposes—poised on a table next to his bed.” [Globe]