Californian Mitt Romney Looks a Little Unkempt

After a Reddit user posted what he claims is a photo of Mitt Romney pumping his own gas near his California home on Monday, the internet forum is ablaze with observations about post-election Romney. “I talked to him for a good three minutes while he was filling his tank,” Reddit user mkb95 posted, adding, “it definitely looks like he has aged a few years.” The world remembers well how a depressed post-loss Al Gore got a bit chubby and grew a beard. On the scale of post-election meltdowns then, Romney’s doing okay. He mostly looks like he just forgot to brush his hair. (Of course, given the rumors that his usually imperturbable ‘do could survive a nuclear holocaust, this seems like a big deal.) Suddenly that SNL sketch depicting Romney drowning his sorrows in a quart of milk starts to seem a lot more plausible.

We’ll give this to Romney, he has had a hard month. Even after losing the election, his comments to a conference call of donors suggesting that he lost because President Obama offered “gifts” to large portions of the electorate were met with a big smack down by other leaders in his own party, so it’s not a wonder he might look worse for the wear.

The Globe reports that Romney will likely move to his home in La Jolla, California more permanently. Sometimes in these cold November months, we wonder whether life in southern California might help us look and feel a bit more healthful. Not so, it appears, for one former Belmont resident.