Everyone Has An Opinion on Whether This Plymouth Woman Should Get Fired

Plus: Cambridge debates its own Styrofoam ban, and more of today's news.

The Internet Is Very Concerned With This Woman’s Employment Status. Folks on Facebook are having a roiling debate over whether a Plymouth woman should be fired (from her private employer…) after she posted a photo of herself flipping off a sign that says “Silence and Respect” at Arlington National Cemetery. The photo spurred a Facebook user, offended at her glib insult to the Armed Forces, to create a group called “Fire Lindsey Stone,” which has over 17,000 likes. This in turn led blogs like Gawker to ask (somewhat rhetorically) whether such efforts were worth the Internet’s time. This, too, led to other Facebookers to start a “Don’t Fire Lindsey Stone” group (with only 92 likes.) The Herald, meanwhile, snags an interview with Stone’s father who says he’s “appalled” at his daughter’s photo. We challenge you to find someone in this story who comes out looking like they don’t need a good hobby that doesn’t involve an Internet connection. [BostInno]

Don’t Trade on Insider Information from Your Dead Relatives. Carl Binette of Ludlow says he invested heavily in Safeco, a Seattle-based insurer, just before Boston-based Liberty Mutual acquired it, because a dead relative appeared to him in a dream and told him he was “safe.” A jury, however, found it a bit more likely that he traded on confidential information from his (very much living) uncle. He was convicted last week of seven counts of conspiracy, securities fraud, and making false statements. [Boston Business Journal]

Cambridge Debates Its Own Styrofoam Ban. Hot on the heels of Brookline, the Cambridge City Council is considering banning polystyrene-based disposable food containers, otherwise known as Styrofoam. We predicted the usual clash between environmentalists and businesses like Dunkin Donuts, but the real news here (to quote an illustrious colleague) is that Styrofoam isn’t already banned in Cambridge. [Boston.com]

Caused a Meningitis Outbreak? Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. Executives at the Framingham pharmaceutical company whose products are blamed for a national meningitis outbreak that has killed 34 people could face criminal charges that come with jail time. [Globe]