Watch Boston and Cambridge Go Underwater As Sea Levels Rise

Watch Boston and Cambridge Go Underwater As Sea Levels Rise. The New York Times assembled another of its many great interactive features. This one maps out the impact of rising sea levels on cities and metropolitan areas in the U.S., including Boston, Cambridge, Providence, and Portland. It’s an eye-opener to watch downtown Boston turn into an island, only to watch the island shrink to include Beacon Hill as more water moves in. Cambridge doesn’t fare so well, either.  [NYT]

Boston School Buses Arrive on Time Much More Often Than Last Year. Last fall, on-time arrivals were chronically below 80 percent, causing students to be up to one hour late for school. This year, at least 91 percent of buses have arrived on time, according to School Department data. “We keep getting better,” Carl Allen, the school department’s transportation director, told the Globe. “The late buses we do see are because of traffic or the occasional accident, road construction, or an issue with a student.”  [Globe]

Joe Biden Visited Nantucket for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving morning, Biden participated in the annual Cold Turkey Plunge by taking a quick swim in the cold waters of Children’s Beach. The event benefits the Weezie Library for Children.  []

Is Mayor Menino Still ‘Top Dog’ After Weeks in the Hospital? The Herald‘s Joe Fitzgerald has a few remarks about Menino’s potential next term … and all of those people coming out to wish him well: “Did you see that two-page spread here Thanksgiving morning, conveying greetings to Hizzoner? It came from every imaginable demographic, including the likes of Doc Rivers, Ray Flynn, Keith Lockhart, Terry Francona, Cardinal O’Malley, Roger Berkowitz and Bishop Gilbert Thompson, all wrapped around a glowing shot of the Pine Street Inn’s kitchen staff, waving and holding a sign that read, ‘We Miss You, Mayor Menino.’ No doctor at Brigham and Women’s could have prescribed better medicine.”  [Herald]

In Gloucester, People Built a Christmas Tree Out of Lobster Traps. And then they climbed to the top and took these photos.  [GMG h/t Universal Hub]