Massachusetts Sets Record for Voter Turnout

Massachusetts Sets Voter Turnout Record for 2012 General Election. Massachusetts Secretary of the State William Galvin said the voter turnout on Election Day was 3,184,196 people—or 73.3 percent of registered voters—compared with the 2008 record, 3,102,995 people.  [Globe]

Snow Could Snarl Evening Commute, Visibility Will Be a Problem. “It might trend colder than what we were originally thinking and that’ll keep the snow falling longer,” meteorologist Benjamin Sipprell told the Globe. “We can’t rule out the development of black ice, but the bigger concern is the visibility.”  []

The ’12 Days of Christmas’ Will Now Set You Back $107,300. The total cost for the 364 items repeated throughout the much-loved Christmas carol increased 6.1 percent over last year, according to the annual Christmas Price Index from PNC Wealth Management. Of all the items, the partridge is cheapest ($15), and the swans are most expensive ($1,000 each). “The rise is larger than expected considering the modest economic growth we’ve had,” said Jim Dunigan, managing executive of investments for PNC, who notes that the maids-a-milking, ladies dancing, and lords-a-leaping are the same price as last year because the minimum wage hasn’t changed.  [AP]

Pardon The Nutcracker for Not Being an Edgy, Action-Packed Ballet. Jill Radsken says the “PC Fairy” struck The Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker, and that the fight between the Mouse King and Nutcracker Prince “gets the Mickey Mouse treatment.” What’s next, the Dew Drop Fairy is too soft? Please.  [Herald]

What To Do Now that the End of No-Shave November Is Near. A guide to “acceptable” mustache styles, assuming that such styles exist.  [WBUR]