Trojan Will Give Away Free Vibrators Out of the Mayor's Sight

Photo via Trojan’s Facebook page

Trojan has released details on a planned free vibrator giveaway in Boston and, perhaps to the relief of the Mayor’s office,  the event will not take place on City Hall Plaza. Last month, the mayor’s chief of public property, Michael Galvin, asked the company not to bring their carts of free vibrators to the plaza because of the constituents from “all walks of life” including children that pass through. The Boston Herald wasn’t sure the city had the power to stop the giveaway, and a Trojan rep said they were still deciding on details and a location.  Things seem to have worked out, because the event will be held at the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts next Monday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., a Trojan rep says in a press release today.

There, the company will wheel out some carts. (They are “modeled after traditional hot dog carts,” the press release tells us, which, uh, doesn’t endear us to ever eating hot dogs again with that image in our heads, thanks) and bestow free toys on the waiting masses. Given the sensation surrounding similar vibrator-from-a-cart giveaways the company has conducted in other cities, we imagine this event will get some attention. And, if the New York Post’s excessive use of puns during their city’s giveaway — “rubbed Bloomberg the wrong way,” “sent out tingles of excitement,” etc. — is any indication, this thing is going to be the Pun Olympics for our own dear tabloid the Boston Herald.

Speaking of which, we do have to heartily protest the Trojan press release’s seasonal choice to call its vibrators “perfect stocking-stuffers,” an idea that practically (and linguistically) we’d rather not endorse.