MIT Tops Harvard in Cognitive Skills

Need another reason that MIT is outdoing Harvard these days? A new study from Lumosity, the online home of various brain games, found that MIT students outsmart their Harvard neighbors when completing puzzles.

Pulling game data from IP and email addresses from major universities, and screening only student-age players (those aged 17-25), Lumosity’s data scientist looked at how the gamers performed on a variety of skill areas: memory, flexibility, speed, attention, and problem solving. Harvard did best on speed, while MIT topped the rankings on problem solving and overall cognitive ability.

This, of course, didn’t sit well with team veritas, as evidenced from the Crimson commenters who immediately rejected the study’s findings. One commenter wrote:

So MIT is better at online games.;who is better @ Life.

Which leads us to the one thing even Harvard students may admit they have the edge on: whining.