What Wall Street Thinks About Elizabeth Warren

What Wall Street Thinks About Elizabeth Warren. “It’s all but certain she’ll be on the banking committee. If she isn’t, we’ll be among the most surprised people on earth,” an anonymous bank executive told New York. Another: “I suspect she might get a little frustrated. She’s used to doing what she wants and dictating what happens. She’s going to have to earn her stripes.”  [Daily Intel]

Two of Four $1 Million Powerball Winners in Massachusetts Step Forward. Congratulations, Mary Gilmore and Jeremy Stephenson, on your wins … and for providing the most responsible-yet-boring answers for what you’re going to do with $700,000 in takeaway cash. Bills, mortgages, student loans?!! Come on. Splurge. Go at least a tiny bit crazy. The rest of us losers are living vicariously through you.  [Boston.com]

Deval Patrick: I Told Obama I Want to Finish My Term. “That’s the plan,” Patrick said. “More than the plans, it’s my ambition and my commitment. We haven’t had governors in Massachusetts who have finished their terms in a long time.” Zing, Mitt Romney.  [WBUR]

Not Wanting to be Left Out Cambridge Gets a Blackout, Too! NStar says a “transmission line issue” causing approximately 17,000 customers in Cambridge to lose power on Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to just before 7 p.m.  [Boston Business Journal]

Channel 5 Got the First Interview with Menino and Everyone Else Feels Snubbed. Or: The fringe benefits of airing live coverage of the Common Christmas tree lighting.  [Universal Hub]