Romneys: They're Just Like Us!

Mitt Romney’s rather dull trip to Costco with his wife Ann has been documented in all its dullness by celebrity gossip site TMZ, which has a 28 frame slideshow with photos of Romney in a dorky hat and sunglasses buying paper products and toy trucks for his grandkids. This proves that a) Mitt Romney doing regular things remains deeply entertaining even a month after the election. (We already knew this from the photo of him pumping gas that went viral last month.) And b) Mitt Romney has made the full transition from major presidential party nominee to fodder for “Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us.” The Globe’s Matt Viser sounds almost gleeful making that second point in an article on the TMZ report:

A month ago, he had some of the most talented photographers in the nation traveling with him, and some of the best advance aides in politics trying to stage the perfect images for the nation to see. But now, Romney is being trailed by paparazzi with long lenses, capturing the former presidential candidate in a most unflattering light.

It’s probably hard for Massachusetts reporters not to rub it in like that, given Romney has so far passed up the opportunity to make his home back here in favor of paparazzi-infested Southern California. Governor, you can make this go away! Just come home! The TMZ reporters probably don’t own enough winter coats to follow you here.