No One Thought to Outlaw Camping in the Middle of Boston Harbor

One dude in a tent tests the limits of the law...

The Harbor-tent dude, via Reddit

The Coast Guard is allowing a dude who is camping out atop a barge in Boston Harbor to stay put because “as of right now, he’s not doing anything illegal,” the Coast Guard’s Lt. Joe Klinker tells WHDH. Somehow, it’s not hard to believe that the legislature has never had occasion to rule on harbor-camping in December before now. It doesn’t seem to be among the most likely of activities to go viral.

The man himself, on the other hand, has achieved some attention on the web when a user posted a photo of him to Reddit. In the photo (above), he appears to have a canoe tied up to a barge upon which he’s set up his tent somewhere near Logan Airport. We get that the weather has been nice for early December this week but … “for early December” is the key part of that sentence.

“He has some camping gear back there. For the most part he’s kind of living off the area,” Klinker tells WHDH. “I will admit, this isn’t something I see commonly — folks on a canoe trying to live out on the water.”