Dropouts from Boston Schools Who Have More Money or Fame Than You

Dropouts from Boston Schools Who Have Money or Fame Than You. A photo gallery that exists entirely because of Gangnam Style.  [Boston.com]

Mayor Menino Gets Personal in Plea to President Obama, Speaker Boehner. “I’ll be honest with you. I’ve endured a lot of pain over the last month,” Menino wrote in an open letter urging Obama and Boehner to be honest about the budget standoff. “But except for my family and the support of the great people of Boston, you know what’s gotten me through? The knowledge that literally nowhere else in the world is there a better place to get healthy than Boston. They don’t make pain medicine for ‘If I had only been born somewhere else.”’  [Boston.com]

Cape Cod Times Offers Stark Apology for Reporter Who Fabricated Sources. Karen Jeffrey, 59, a writer for the Cape Cod Times since 1981, was let go after an audit of her work found that she made up or embellished 69 sources in 34 stories since the paper went digital in 1998. Jeffrey admitted to fabricating sources and to giving others false names in “some of these articles,” according to the apology issued by publisher Peter Meyer and editor Paul Pronovost.  [Cape Cod Times]

The ‘What Is Wrong With People?’ Grinch Who Literally Stole Christmas Edition. Thieves broke in to St. Anne’s Parish in Shrewsbury and stole thousands of dollars in holiday presents and gift cards intended for needy families. One word: awful.  [WCVB]

Driver Sustains Minor Injuries After Egg Truck Crashes on 495. The eggs are no more, but the following puns live on: “Crash scrambles morning commute,” the commute “was no yolk,” authorities are no doubt “walking on eggshells.”  [Herald]