Harvard Kids Now Just Dousing Themselves in Milk for Fun

Harvard students have produced a video jumping on the latest of bizarre internet trends: filming themselves as they pour milk  over their heads in public places. It is called “milking,” and like most live-action internet memes, it sort of defies easy or logical explanation. As The Atlantic Cities' Henry Grabar notes, “It's been compared to planking and Tebowing, but it is much weirder, more disruptive, and funnier than those erstwhile trends — more Duchamp than Delta Chi.”

The Daily Mail claims that “milking” began among students in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, whose video went viral and apparently sparked imitators. Milking has now made a treacherous Atlantic crossing all the way to Cambridge, where Harvard students with little public shame and plenty of dry cleaning money have taken it up with gusto.


We'll say this about “milking.” It's totally stupid and wasteful, but it's incredibly fun to watch — except for the occasions they pour milk on themselves in a public place where the rain won't just wash it away, like a Red Line car. Some poor MBTA employee has to clean that up, guys. Don't be rude. Props on the song choice, though.