Just Try Disliking Video of This Kid Receiving A Lego Set

We defy you to watch the viral video of this 10-year-old boy from Boylston receiving a Lego set he'd long desired and not see your heart grow by at least three sizes. James Groccia is a Lego enthusiast who saved up to buy a rare Emerald Night Train set, and when he couldn't find one, wrote to Lego.  “I have been playing with Legos since i was 4 years old,” he writes in the letter. “I participate in a Lego Playgroup to help with my social skills (I have Asperger's syndrome) and I love playing with Legos at home (I play with them every day.)” Groccia describes falling in love with the set and saving up his money for two years to buy it only to discover that it had become a collector's item.

Someone at Lego liked his letter and managed to find and ship him a set. His parents set up a camera to film his reaction and you can see the results for yourself. Over 1.2 million people already have:


The Globe's James Burnett III wrote a nice feature about Groccia in Thursday's Globe. The video is titled “Why LEGO is the best company in the world,” which has inspired some cynics to suggest that it's a fake, orchestrated by some savvy Lego social media expert. (YouTube commenters are literally the worst.) We'd note that the company's brand director actually wouldn't submit to an interview with Burnett “because his company did not want to give the impression that they make a habit of surprising children with freebies.” That — and our general optimism this holiday season — generally suggests to us that this is just a nice story.