The Grinch Who Stole [Boston's] Christmas [Trees]

It appears that people in the Boston area awaiting a tree delivery from Five Star Christmas Tree Co. delivered to their home have been snookered worse than the merry Whos of Whoville. The company is telling customers that they are considering the missing trees stolen.

Five Star Christmas Tree Co. allows you to order a tree online and have it delivered to your door. Living Social offered a deal on the trees this season. The company reports on its Facebook page that deliveries are delayed in a few locations around the country, including Boston. (And customers are writing on the Facebook page to confirm that they are not yet rocking around any sort of tannenbaum.) We Love Beantown obtained an email sent from the company to a customer whose tree remains undelivered that reports a disturbing cause:

We contracted with a local delivery company in your area to help us complete your delivery route.  Normally, our delivery crews follow our structured routes and use our software to update each specific delivery status.  However, the crew for your route has been unresponsive the last few days, and we have been unable to provide updated information for your specific tree.

Although they have successfully completed some of the deliveries, we are now assuming the worst for a few of remaining deliveries, and they have likely stolen our remaining trees that have not been delivered.

Yes, as far as the company knows, the tree delivery people have gone rogue and stolen the trees! The company is offering a refund to those customers who received the email and offering them a free tree next season. Ba humbug. [We Love Beantown]