Police Taser Woman Trying to Buy Too Many iPhones

Police Taser Woman Trying to Buy Too Many iPhones. Xiaojie Li, of Newton, was tasered outside the Apple store at Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua after trying to stock up on iPhones. According to reports, the language barrier is what led to Li’s being tasered by police after “reaching her limit” of iPhones that one customer is allowed to purchase (for future reference, it’s two iPhones per customer, apparently). Li left the store with two phones on Friday, then ordered two more online, and returned to the store on Monday, which is when the tasering went down. The incident was caught on video, maybe ironically with an iPhone camera.  “… my mom says she don’t know why they called the police, because she doesn’t understand what they are talking about,” Li’s daughter Jiao Jay said.  [WCVB]

Working Stiffs Taking Off During the Holidays Still Plan to Work. Thirty-nine percent of Boston-area workers are taking time off during the holidays, and of those, 31 percent say they plan to still work while out of the office, according to a Harris Interactive survey of 2,507 workers in Boston, NYC, L.A., Houston, and other cities. Approximately 69 percent of Boston workers said they plan to work over the holidays to “avoid working piling up.”  [Boston Business Journal]

Some Harvard Faculty Debating the Value of EdX. “The teaching experience I enjoy most is sitting around a table with 15 students, maybe a few more or less, and working through a problem,” Charles S. Maier, a Harvard history professor and 1960 Harvard grad, said at a meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. “Do we forswear this experience entirely with this type of project and, if not, how do we organize it?”  [The Crimson]

Don’t Be Shocked When People Without Pants Ride the MBTA. The sixth annual “No Pants Subway Ride” will happen on Sunday, January 13, 2013.  [BostInno]

Kevin Youkilis Will Now Play for the Yankees. The pending one-year deal is reportedly worth $12 million.  [Globe]