10 Gifts for the Boston Sports Fan In Your Life

We picked the best Boston-related gifts for sports fans (so you can spend less time shopping).

This holiday season, there’s no shortage of Boston sports-related gift options. But if you want to get creative, here are a few items to consider:

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1. Peter May’s The Last Banner is considered the definitive longform account of the Larry Bird-era Celtics, but Jack McCallum’s Unfinished Business, which follows the 1990-91 C’s, might be better. Good luck finding the book, a favorite of ESPN’s Bill Simmons, at Barnes & Noble. But you can snag a used copy online. Amazon; about $10.

2. Mitchell & Ness makes vintage team gear. The stuff is expensive, but unique. Where else can you find a Patriots cardigan? Mitchell & Ness; $100.

3. FreeDarko.com, formerly known as the Internet’s most creative NBA site, is no longer in operation. However, the guys behind blog are still selling their colorful illustrations. There are a few great Celtics-related prints, including this one, which stars Bird and Magic. Free Darko; $75.

4. Does your significant other want to dress like the best behooded football coach on the planet? Buy him or her this Patriots sweatshirt. Unfortunately, the sleeves don’t come pre-cut. Find this gift at the Patriots Pro Shop; $74.95.

5. Don’t hold the fact that artist Graig Kreindler is a Yankees fan (he was named after Graig Nettles) against him. A print of this Kreindler painting, which depicts David Ortiz’s dramatic home run in Game 4 of the 2004 American League Championship Series, would look good in your living room. Good Sports Art; $190. (And to see more of Kreindler’s work, visit his website.)

6. The NHL lockout is still dragging on, but don’t forget the Bruins fan in your life. This old-school Bruins beanie is pretty sweet. Ice Jerseys; $18.

7. Awww, it’s a Bruins piggy bank. Perfect for a young, financially responsible hockey fan. NHL Shop; $24.99.

8. More Celtics nostalgia! If your VHS tapes from the 1985-86 NBA season are worn out, or if you no longer own a VCR, pick up this Sweet Sixteen DVD set. It contains all six games from the ’86 finals. Amazon; about $21 (it retails for $50).

9. There are about a dozen Boston-related Sports Illustrated covers I’d like to have on my wall right now. I’m partial to one from 2008, with Kevin Garnett and Bill Russell. But there are more than 100 to pick from. SI Vault; $19.95 each.

10. I miss Pedro Martinez. That’s why I ordered this T-shirt. Etsy; $25.