Lab Chemist Annie Dookhan Gets Indicted on 27 Charges

A grand jury indicted former lab chemist Annie Dookhan on 27 charges related to her alleged tampering with state drug lab evidence, the Attorney General’s office announced in a press release.

Annie Dookhan, 34, of Franklin, was indicted today by a Statewide Grand Jury on charges of Obstruction of Justice (17 counts), Tampering with Evidence (8 counts), Perjury, and Falsely Pretending to Hold a Degree from a College or University.

Dookhan will be arraigned on December 20 in Suffolk Superior Court. The investigation remains ongoing.

“We allege that Annie Dookhan tampered with drug evidence and fabricated test results on multiple occasions,” AG Coakley said. “Her alleged actions have sent ripple effects throughout the criminal justice system. We are committed to working with all stakeholders to fix this situation and restore trust in the criminal justice system.”

Dookhan’s alleged evidence tampering has resulted in the release of convicted prisoners (of few of whom were then quickly re-arrested) and will cost millions of dollars to fix, notes