Hey Patriots: You Call THAT a Comeback?

The Patriots' amazing comeback attempt on Sunday night had nothing on their 1994 win over the Vikings.

Warning: the above clip is exhausting to watch. It’s only about six minutes long, but contains every single one of the 70 passes Drew Bledsoe made on November 13, 1994. That afternoon, during New England’s 26-20 overtime defeat of the Vikings, the then second-year quarterback set a single-game NFL record for attempts. Bledsoe completed 45 of 70 passes, the last of which, a pretty 14-yard touchdown to fullback Kevin Turner (5:59), was the game-winning score. Sunday night’s comeback attempt against the 49ers, while probably more precise in execution, wasn't nearly as satisfying as this one. Mostly because, duh, it was a loss.

Although the Patriots only came back from a 20-0 deficit against Minnesota—against San Francisco they had to climb out of a 31-3 hole—they still were spectacular. In Sunday’s loss, Brady threw 65 passes. Against Minnesota 18 years ago, Bledsoe threw 53 passes in the second half alone. He finished with 426 yards, three TDs, and no interceptions. (Brady had two INTs the other night.) We don't have to romanticize Bledsoe, whose penchant for ugly picks ruined many a fall weekend back in the day. It's just good to note that his method worked perfectly for once.