Dwayne Moore Sentenced for 2010 Mattapan Killings

Dwayne Moore Sentenced for 2010 Mattapan Killings. On Tuesday morning, Moore received four consecutive life sentences after being convicted on Monday of killing four people, including a 2-year-old boy, during a drug-related robbery in Mattapan. Dubbed the “Mattapan Massacre” by the media, the crime scene was Boston’s single deadliest since 2005.  [MyFoxBoston.com]

No Sales Tax, But Still: Shop at New Hampshire Malls at Your Own Risk. Days after a Newton woman was tasered outside an Apple store in New Hampshire, we get this report from Salem: Six people were arrested in the parking garage at the Mall at Rockingham Park after a fight over a parking space turned so ugly that “multiple officers had to be called out to calm things down.” It’s like the worst of the worst Black Friday behavior, except not on Black Friday.  [AP]

A Closed-Minded But Nonetheless Open Letter to John Kerry. Dear John Kerry: Please don’t move on with your career. We voted for you time and time again, and then elected you to Senate to serve six years, not four. Signed, the Angry Voters of Massachusetts.  [Cognoscenti]

Then Again, One Terrible Thing That Will Happen if Kerry Moves On … the political ads and requests for money return.  [WBUR]

Several MBTA Stations Get Countdown Clocks. With the recent addition, there are now 190 countdown clocks at 30 MBTA stations, mostly servicing the Red, Orange, and Blue lines.  [Patch]