Deval Patrick's Milton House Back on the Market for $1.5 Million

Deval Patrick’s Milton House Back on the Market for $1.5 Million. The Colonial-style house, located at 75 Hinckley Road in Milton, is back on the market for the third time since 2009. It features large living and dining areas, nine working fireplaces, and a sweeping front staircase between the first and second floors.  [Patriot Ledger]

Survey: 18 Percent of Americans Won’t Do Any Holiday Shopping. Among the many reasons to forgo holiday shopping, there’s a “core group” of people who oppose the borderline insanity that the holidays have become. By core group, that means part of the 18 percent surveyed, which realistically should mean everyone. “These are people who, honestly, seem just sick and tired of the madness — the trampling on Black Friday as people fight their way into department stores, the bickering over who gets a last item, the stress over outdoing someone else in terms of cost or quality of gift,” said Marshal Cohen, a senior retail analyst for the NPD Group, which conducted the survey with CivicScience. “We’ve found that this group has a significant percentage of people who embrace crafting and homemade gifts, things they say come from the heart.”  [Globe]

People Are Stocking Up on Guns and Ammo After Obama Statements. Fearing a crackdown after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., many gun owners or wannabe gun owners are rushing out to load up. “There’s way too many people coming through this door. People are buying like crazy … like you wouldn’t believe,” said John P. Costa, who opened his store, C & F Guns in Middleboro, on Tuesday to a line of 150 customers. “I am not exaggerating. I wish I was.”  [WCVB]

Devra First’s Olives Write-up Lands List of 2012’s Most Scathing Restaurant Reviews. Maybe it was the “artichokes prepared in a broth that tastes like kitchen scraps and dishwater.”  [Eater]

A Rather Unfortunate Headline About Blow Dry Salons in Boston. There she blows … !??!?  [The Phoenix]