End of an Era: Marty Baron Gets a New Twitter Handle

Since the day former Boston Globe editor Marty Baron announced he would leave his paper for the top job at the Washington Post, Boston media watchers* have snarked that he would have to trade in his Twitter handle @GlobeMartyBaron. Well folks, mark the time of death because it’s happened. @GlobeMartyBaron has emerged from his cocoon as @PostBaron.

We like @PostBaron because no matter where he works, the name “Baron” makes him sound like he rules over his newsroom like a vassal rules his serfs. We also like it because @PostBaron becomes a sort of meta-commnetary on his having left Boston behind. We are certain he intended this and did not just go with it because it is the name of his new employer. Good luck, to the Baron.

*Okay, mostly just yours truly.