Donnie Wahlberg’s Boston Reality Show Is No ‘Jersey Shore’

The Donnie Wahlberg produced eight-episode reality series about the Boston Police Department, “Boston’s Finest,” premieres February 27 on TNT, and he’s starting to give more details on what we can expect. Hint: it’ll be a bit more self-serious than, say, Jersey Shore.

The show “follows members of the BPD’s gang unit, fugitive task force, and SWAT team, as well as patrol officers,” according to the Boston Globe. Wahlberg tells the paper that its about “quality human beings who do heroic things in a very dangerous environment.” Wahlberg’s will be the second reality show to feature Boston prominently this year, joining A&E’s “Southie Rules,” which features a cast of clownish looking characters who are warring against the neighborhood’s “yuppies.” Strictly speaking “Boston’s Finest” and “Southie Rules” might be in the same reality genre, but speaking with the Associated Press, Wahlberg came a little closer to addressing the differences in tone between his show and A&E’s:

He says other television producers are scouting Boston to do versions of “Jersey Shore” with drunk people who “shout clam chow-dah.”

Wahlberg says that might be something fun to watch, but it wasn’t the kind of show he wants to make.

That seems evident from the trailer, which you can watch below: