Converse's Headquarters Are Moving to Boston

The City of Boston confirmed today that the sneaker brand Converse is moving its headquarters from North Andover to Boston in April 2015. Specifically, they are moving to the Lovejoy Wharf by the Garden. The Globe reported last week that Converse was making the move to the new Lovejoy Wharf complex in a story reporting that the development project would get some public funds, but the city didn’t confirm. From the Globe:

Boston officials on Thursday ­acknowledged that discussions are underway to provide a tax break or other subsidy to the massive Lovejoy Wharf complex … the Menino ­administration would not provide ­details on the type or amount of assistance under consideration.

Sports apparel maker Converse Inc. has signed a lease to make Lovejoy Wharf its corporate headquarters. The development will also include 100 luxury residences, a rehabilitated wharf with public docks along Boston Harbor, and stores.

Not among those stores, according to the Boston Herald, which is also scooping the city, is a long list of Converse’s competitors, whom the paper says will be barred from opening retail space in the complex.

The deal for 186,525 square feet of offices includes a covenant that bans a long list of shoe and clothing brands from setting up shop in the new Lovejoy Wharf’s retail spaces, according to documents obtained by the Herald.

The restriction applies to more than 45 companies, ranging from Adidas, Reebok and New Balance — among Nike’s top sneaker rivals — to Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, Lululemon Athletica and Tommy Hilfiger.

The City, meanwhile, is busy touting the jobs they are moving to within the city limits.

Welcome to town, Converse.