Rabbi Jonah Pesner 'Seriously Exploring' a Run for Senate

Rabbi Jonah Pesner ‘Seriously Exploring’ a Run for Senate. David Bernstein reports that Pesner, of Newton, has had “exploratory conversations” and is moving forward with a potential run for John Kerry’s Senate seat. Pesner’s final decision is expected soon, though he doesn’t specify a strict deadline.  [The Phoenix]

Meanwhile, in New York, a Push for James Taylor—Yes, that James Taylor—to Run. Alan Chartock, president and CEO of WAMC/Northeast Public Radio out of Albany, wrote a blog post on Monday urging Taylor, who lives in Western Massachusetts, to run for Senate. “JT, who famously followed that road ‘from Stockbridge to Boston,’ is as much of a hero to the people of the Bay State as General Henry Knox was,” he wrote.  [MassLive.com]

Herald Does a Follow-Up on Panhandling the Street. The commenters are no less severe than on yesterday’s report, but at least Dave Wedge gives us this: Mayor Menino’s task force will submit a new “aggressive panhandling” ordinance to City Council next week, which carries a fine for aggressive panhandlers and defines areas where panhandling is barred.  [Herald]

Check Out This Useful MBTA Commuter Rail Map Based on Travel Time. In a glance, the map, designed by Peter Dunn, can help riders figure out ways to save time during their commute.  [h/t Universal Hub]

A Run-Down of the Biggest Massachusetts Kickstarter Campaigns. Sixteen Massachusetts-based Kickstarter projects, ranging from a tiny supercomputer to a pencil that can be planted when it’s too short to write, that have accumulated the most backers.  [Boston.com]