Annie Dookhan's Husband Warned: She Was 'Always Lying'

Annie Dookhan’s Husband Warned ADA That She Was ‘Always Lying.’ Surren Dookhan reportedly texted former Norfolk assistant district attorney George Papachristos in August 2009 to warn him that his wife was “always lying” and looking for “sympathy and attention,” according to state police documents obtained by the Globe. Annie Dookhan, meanwhile, is scheduled to appear in court today. She pleaded not guilty to 27 counts of obstructing justice and altering drug evidence in what Brian Ballou calls “… the biggest law enforcement scandal in recent Massachusetts history.”  [Globe]

Donald Berwick Considering a 2014 Run for Massachusetts Governor. “I’m pretty serious about it,” said Newton pediatrician and Harvard faculty member Berwick, who President Obama appointed to run the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services but stepped down after Senate Republicans indicted he wouldn’t survive the confirmation process. His interest was first reported by the State House News Service.  [Politico |]

The Panhandlers in the Street Report, Take 3. Now Mayor Menino tells the Herald: “We’re going to try to set specific areas in the city where panhandling will be allowed. And also, we’ll fine them, and do the best we can to try to work with them. … It’s become a major problem.”  [Herald]

Confirmed: Bobcat That Attacked People in Brookfield Had Rabies. Roger Mundell Jr., wife Cindy Mundell, and their 15-year-old nephew have already been taking the series of rabies vaccinations following the Sunday attack. It’s mind-boggling to try to think of an attack by a wild, rabid animal, but these photos of Roger post-attack shed a little light on what the family has gone through. Officials warn residents to be on high alert for wildlife.  []

Some Familiar Faces Make Up Elite USA Team for 117th Boston Marathon. With fewer than 100 days to go until the race, John Hancock Financial announced the 10 athletes that will comprise the Elite USA competition this spring.  [WBZ]