Mark Wahlberg Wants to Produce a Reality Series Based on 'The Big Bang Theory'

Mark Wahlberg Wants to Produce a Reality Series Based on ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ The “docu-series” would follow a bunch of nerdy college kids at some kind of prestigious college near Boston. reports the inspiration comes from Pocket Science creator George Zaidan.  []

Scary Results in West Bridgewater Crackdown on Texting While Driving. In a four-hour period, police made 51 stops for texting while driving (that means one stop every four to five minutes). One woman told police that she wasn’t texting while driving—she was just using Facebook.  [WCVB | The Enterprise]

Everyone Get Upset Over a Mayor Menino Press Release, Sorry, “Column Submission.” The Phoenix has a response to Mayor Menino’s “op-ed” on Back Bay Patch, which comes from a column submission distributed PR-style to outlets around town via his press people. David Bernstein, by-and-large one of the best politics writers in Boston, makes a few valid points in his post (headlined “Menino: My School System SUUUUUX”), but unfortunately, anyone can do a snarky take-down of a press release.  [The Phoenix | Back Bay Patch]

People in Amherst Report UFO Sightings. Dozens of Amherst-area residents reportedly are “baffled” after seeing a low-flying object in the air on Tuesday night. One woman said the UFO was 75-100 feet above her car.  [AP]

Q+A With Dr. Donald Berwick, Who Maybe Wants to Be the Next Massachusetts Governor. Berwick answered a few questions from WBUR’s Sacha Pfeiffer and reveals why he would want to run for the office: “… I had this chance to work in Washington running the Medicare agency and I saw how good government can be. That is, how much productive force there can be in government for really helping relieve suffering and improving the well-being of people. I also saw how bad government can get: paralyzed, riven by contention. I think a lot of opportunity lies at the state level now, and I think productive state government — respecting the state employees, really working with vision — can get a ton done that can’t be done at any other level. ….”  [WBUR]