Everett Principal Gets Two-Day Suspension for 'Terminator' Video

Everett High School Principal Gets Two Days Off Without Pay for ‘Terminator’ Video. Erick Naumann stars in the video, a parody played over the morning announcements that fell flat in the wake of recent episodes of school violence that include the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. Media teacher Roy Barrows was also suspended for two days without pay. But bonus points go to Superintendent Frederick Foresteire for alluding to the absurdity of it all by saying this: “… He’s a strong leader, he made the wrong decision on the video … but I certainly don’t think he should be terminated.”  [Boston.com]

A Law Worse Than the Crime? Aaron Swartz’s Death Turns Attention to Prosecutors. “Prosecutors wield enormous power over all of us,” writes Emily Bazelon. “This case is one terribly sad example of what can happen when they abuse it.”  [Slate]

State Transportation Needs $10 Billion in New Revenue, According to New Report. Yes, billion with a ‘B’. Deval Patrick has launched a public campaign to raise public support for increasing taxes to help fund it.  [Boston.com]

Ashley DiMasi, Sal DiMasi’s Stepdaughter, Is An Anti-Suicide Crusader. In a three-year span, Ashley DiMasi has faced the suicide of her uncle, cousin, and best friend—and her stepfather being sent to federal prison. DiMasi, 23, has become a leading speaker of the Samaritans, a group that works toward suicide prevention. “Our family has been through a lot of really terrible things, but it’s brought us very close together,” she told the Herald.  [Herald]

Getting a Gun Permit in Massachusetts: A Study in Contrasts. A WGBH reporter details the process of obtaining gun permit in Lowell and Cambridge.  [WGBH]

Belmont To Give Students Breathalyzers Before Entering School Dances. Interim Superintendent Dr. Thomas Kingston is putting together a plan to curb underage drinking at school functions, which in part includes stationing Belmont police officers at the door to administer breathalyzers before students can enter the dance.  [Fox]