Get Your Free Ego-Boost Outside the Tufts Library

The Tufts Daily has put the spotlight on a goofy-cute group of students who stand outside the library for an hour or two each week doling out compliments to passers-by. The group is, somewhat amusingly, seeking official recognition from the University:

The group has 10 active members and is looking to become a university-recognized club, a move that would allow these purveyors of verbal bouquets to conduct more formal meetings and host training sessions and complimenting seminars. In anticipation of this, the club has added an online component.

We imagine that'll be somewhat less controversial than the BDSM club that wanted recognition from Harvard last year. Anyway, if you're in need of an ego boost, just go stalk the Tufts library for awhile until someone wielding a sign says something kind to you. Or just post a cat video to Facebook. Anyway, our turn for compliments: We thought it was funny when the club leader complimented the videographer and interviewer who filmed him: